A proven installment loan via the Internet

BiBank is a proven installment loan granted online. The company has been operating on the Polish market since 2012. Its roots reach for the cold Scandinavia. BiBank has already found an established position in our country. The BiBank loan company has a perfectly balanced offer. It combines the advantages of banking services with features for which we value high-speed online loans. A credible assessment of creditworthiness will ensure that you do not take out loans beyond your abilities, and the whole process will take only a few seconds without unnecessary formalities.

BiBank offer

BiBank offers quick installment loans via the Internet. The range of amounts you can apply for is considerable, so the loan will allow you to finance both smaller and larger expenses. You can take a loan from 1000 PLN to even 10,000 PLN. It is worth noting that the maximum amount is available at the very beginning. You do not have to be a regular customer to afford it. It all depends on an individual assessment of creditworthiness. The minimum number of installments available is 6, and the longest repayment period is 24 months.

Who can take advantage of the BiBank online loan?

Who can take advantage of the BiBank online loan?

Convenient non-bank loans on BiBank installments are offered to customers between the ages of 20 and 80. This is good news especially for young people and seniors, they have the biggest problems with getting a bank loan. To get a loan in BiBank, you can not be listed in the BIK debtor register. Another condition to meet is a permanent residence address in Poland and documented fixed income. Please note, however, that they do not have to arise from the employment relationship. Online loans in installments are also allocated to pensioners.

The entire credit rating process runs automatically in real time. It often takes only a few seconds. It is transparent and completely safe. You will quickly get money to finance the sudden expense, bypassing cumbersome papery.

How does the non-bank loan process take place in installments?

How does the non-bank loan process take place in installments?

The procedure for applying for a non-bank installment loan in BiBank is just five steps:

● Step 1 – selection of the amount and repayment period,

● Step 2 – provide data for a short loan application (the alternative is verification with the help of a Facebook account, which is associated with a bonus in the form of a discount of PLN 10),

● Step 3 – waiting for a decision,

● Step 4 – familiarize yourself with the terms of the contract, which will first be delivered to the e-mail and then to the mailing address by courier,

● Step 5 – sign the contract and return it to the courier.

The money is transferred to the customer’s account after positive verification and confirmation of signing the contract. They should be available the next business day. There is also the option of using the Giro check or choosing an instant BlueCash transfer. BiBank tries to adapt to the requirements of the modern client.

The refund procedure is carried out in accordance with a clear repayment schedule. You will not be charged with any additional costs, and all entries in the contract are public.

What are the benefits of an installment loan via the Internet?

The limit of PLN 10,000 gives you the chance to patch a fairly large hole in your home budget. Thanks to spreading payments into installments, you do not have to worry about losing liquidity. In addition, BiBank offers a very comfortable repayment period. The spreading of installments over two years will make you feel that you will not be refunded as much as in the case of one-off repayment. It is worth considering a larger number of installments in the case of large amounts.

BiBank Kredyt is an installment loan via the Internet, which gives you the chance to get money without leaving your home. Transferring procedures to the online sphere also reduces the time needed to assess the customer’s creditworthiness.

The quick installment loan online at BiBank is a secure commitment. You get it after verifying your financial possibilities, so you minimize the risk of taking out a loan that you simply can not afford. In addition, the company cares about the security of your data, encrypting it using the HTTPS protocol.

BiBank is a quick installment loan via the Internet, which customers appreciate

BiBank is a quick installment loan via the Internet, which customers appreciate

Since 2012, BiBank has earned the reputation of a credible lender. Confirmation of these words can be found in the pages of the largest portals comparing non-bank loans. 

Satisfied customers are the company’s best showcase. On the aforementioned websites, the ratings awarded by borrowers are a clear signal that BiBank is a proven solution.

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