Mortgage Simulation: How to Simulate the Installment Loan Payment

Who has not been at least once in their life, out of curiosity or necessity, in front of the fateful question on how much it would cost to buy a house thanks to a mortgage and which bank would give me money at a lower rate ? And as if by magic, we found ourselves doing the mortgage simulation not knowing where to start in our evaluations.

Unlike what you can at first think, doing it is very quick and easy and anyone can do it through a few simple steps. It is only necessary to have very little information required by the calculation engine in order to find the solution that best suits your needs and summarize it in a few results. This will certainly facilitate our decision. There are many doubts, but why not try?

The procedure starts with a few data. First of all, we need to fill in the field of motivation that can be purchased first or second home, renovation of the property, completion of the housing unit and possibly liquidity. Subsequently, it is necessary to choose the duration that can vary from a minimum of five to a maximum of fifty years.

Now our choice falls on the interest rate. It is an indispensable decision-making moment. This must be assessed from the perspective of the degree of future risk. Obviously if you will be inclined towards a fixed rate, you will be protected from any fluctuations in rates on the market but it will certainly be less convenient if favorable rates are in effect, hence “very low”. In this case, in fact, the variable rate would be preferred. In addition to the fixed and the variable, you can also choose the mixed rate, or the variable with CAP or the one with a constant rate.

As a basis on which to perform the calculation is required to indicate the value of the property and the required capital. Do not forget that several banks finance up to a maximum of eighty percent of the value of the property quantified in the expert’s report in the preliminary phase. Finally, you must fill in your personal details such as job position, residence and date of birth and the presence or absence of a guarantor.

Mortgage Simulation

You can enter all this information in less than a minute. Then click the confirm button, our simulator will make a complete and accurate estimate. On the screen you will appear in fact the main data relating to the best loans offered by Italian banks and the market at this time. With maximum transparency, you can compare prices and conditions, opt for the most favorable option and even proceed to the feasibility request to the desired bank completely free of charge.

Our calculation engine can help you not only in the early stages of buying the house, but also later. If you want to renegotiate your mortgage, using the most advantageous conditions on the market, you can do it. A specific section is provided for the simulation of an estimate for mortgage replacement. The compilation is always simple and fast. Just enter the same fields seen previously, with only one new feature. This time, in the news section, select the subrogation option and the substitution and liquidity option. So what are you waiting for? Start your simulation now.

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