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Police have released new information about the ambush-style shooting in Bristol earlier this week which killed two officers and seriously injured another.

Officers were called to a home on Redstone Hill Road on Wednesday evening after receiving a report of domestic disturbance. State police said preliminary information appeared to indicate the 911 call was a deliberate act to lure law enforcement to the scene.

When police arrived, state police said Nicholas Brutcher, 35, was outside and shots were fired, fatally wounding Bristol police officer Alex Hamzy, 34, on places.

sergeant. Dustin DeMonte, 35, was also shot. He was carried off the scene and later pronounced dead, police said.

Bristol Police said officer Alec Iurato, 26, who was hit by gunfire, returned fire and killed Brutcher.

Officer Iurato was taken to hospital with serious injuries, underwent surgery and is now recovering, investigators added. He was released from hospital on Thursday.

Brutcher’s brother was also shot and taken to hospital for treatment for his injuries.

Officer Alec Iurrato is discharged from hospital after being injured in a shooting in Bristol.

Processions held to transport fallen officers

Two processions were held for Sgt. DeMonte and Officer Hamzy on Friday.

sergeant. DeMonte was taken to a funeral home in North Haven from the chief medical examiner’s office. Roads in the area were closed as the community paid their respects to the fallen officer.

Officer Iurato was seen with crutches during the procession for Sgt. DeMonte at North Haven Funeral Home.

NBC Connecticut

Officer Iurato was on crutches at the funeral home for the arrival of Sgt. DeMonte’s body on Friday.

A second procession takes place after two police officers were shot dead in Bristol late Wednesday evening.

A police motorcade carrying Hamzy from the chief medical examiner’s office to a funeral home in Terryville passed directly by a wake. Many in the crowd thanked the men and women in blue who drove by.

Bristol officer Alex Hamzy, 34, and 35-year-old Sgt. Dustin DeMonte, were killed in a shooting Wednesday night while responding to a 911 call in what was described as an ambush attack. Their bodies will be escorted to the funeral homes.

Vigil held in honor of Sgt. DeMonte and Officer Hamzy

A candlelight vigil in honor of the fallen Sgt. DeMonte and Officer Hamzy were held outside Bristol Police Department on Friday evening.

A very large crowd turned out for the vigil, all paying their respects and remembering the Bristol officers.

Photos: Strong show of support for fallen police officers in Bristol

Support continues to pour in for Bristol Police

In the days following the shooting, support poured in for Bristol Police.

The police department lobby is filled with flowers, balloons and notes, including handwritten messages from young children.

They have messages including ‘thank you’, ‘thank you for protecting the people of Bristol’, ‘stay strong’ and ‘stay safe out there’. They also express their sadness.

Some of the items in the police department lobby are also from other departments showing their support.

Flowers and notes are also collected from a cruiser outside the police department.

A portrait of each deceased officer now hangs outside the police department, honoring their life and work as tributes continue to pour in.

Photos of Officer Alex Hamzy and Sgt. Dustin DeMonte are on display at the Bristol Police Department.

Crisis therapy dogs and their partners are also used to provide support. The teams are trained in psychological first aid and crisis stress management. Dogs are more than therapy dogs – they are uniquely prepared to respond to tragedy.

Signs of support for Bristol Police are growing in the lobby of the police department after Wednesday night’s tragic shooting that claimed the lives of two officers and sent another to hospital for treatment with serious injuries.

Foundation to repay fallen sergeant’s mortgage

The Foundation of the tower tunnel announced that they would pay off the mortgage of Sgt. DeMonte’s house.

The foundation said it would immediately mortgage DeMonte’s home. The Tunnel to Towers Fallen First Responders Home Program pays the mortgages of families of first responders who are killed in the line of duty and leave behind young children.

DeMonte was a 10-year veteran of the force. He is the father of two young children and a third is on the way.

Tunnel to Towers officials said they would also provide financial support to Officer Hamzy’s family.

Fundraisers organized to support the families of deceased officers

Several fundraisers have been set up to support the families of deceased officers. Police are urging people to use only sanctioned fundraisers.

Bristol Police said the Fund the First fundraiser directly benefits the families of Sgt. DeMonte and Agent Hamzy. Fundraising is done through the Bristol Police Benevolent Association. More fundraising information can be found here.

A sign shop in Bristol is selling special lawn signs to help honor the city’s fallen officers and 100% of profits will be donated to the families of officers who were shot and killed on Wednesday night, according to the shop owner.

The Bristol Police Union has also set up a Bristol Police Heroes Fund with the Thomaston Savings Bank. To donate to the fund set up at Thomaston Savings Bank, you can visit any branch or click here.

A secure collection box has also been set up at Bristol Police Department.

Authorities are asking residents not to donate to any telephone solicitation.

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