Collateral Base Senior Counsel Tom Howard overturns landmark vote on Connecticut bill


Thomas Howard, a leading lawyer for the emerging agricultural sector, has the latest updates on Connecticut’s efforts to pass Bill 1118.

Connecticut lawmakers have discussed establishing a framework for the emerging agriculture industry over the past five years, but this year the measure has gained more momentum. The Senate approved a bill Tuesday morning, marking the first time an emerging farm bill has authorized a legislative chamber in Connecticut. But then the momentum for the bill stopped as it was refused to call the bill for a vote in the House before the session ended at midnight on Wednesday.

House lawmakers have decided to delay voting on the proposal, which will now be resumed in a special session by the end of the month. Democratic leaders insisted they had the necessary votes to pass the nearly 300-page bill introduced this weekend, but Republicans largely opposed it.

As passed by the Senate, the law would establish the framework for the emerging agricultural industry, eventually launching a regulated commercial market, allowing people to apply for licenses in Connecticut. The Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) would be responsible for licensing and regulating these businesses, with sales expected to begin in mid-2022.

“Now, it is no longer a question of knowing if it will pass but rather when it will pass” Thomas Howard said.

The emerging laws and regulations of the agriculture industry are constantly evolving and reshaping, creating some uncertainty around industry enthusiasts and business owners on the ground all across the United States. So if you want to know how to get graduated in virginia, new York or Michigan you need to have the right information at your fingertips.

Tom Howard of Collateral Base just reached 20,000 subscribers on his emerging agricultural news podcast which aims to educate people about the industry. He has created a community of enthusiasts eager to gain a better understanding of a very complex field and, as a lawyer, he uses his tools to educate on important aspects of the emerging agricultural industry.

As the emerging agricultural industry continues to grow, so does the CLN community. In view of the recurring requests regarding the emerging agricultural industry, the Guarantee Database webpage has been activated so that Tom and his staff can answer any questions and provide legal assistance to any business regarding the legal issues they are facing. faced in the industry, especially if they need a business plan. Also, be sure to check out our emerging agriculture map so you can stay up to date with the most recent changes made by states.

About Senior Warranties Base Lawyer Tom Howard

Authorized to practice since 2008, Thomas Howard has represented numerous financial institutions in litigation aimed at enforcing their collateral. Since 2018, he has helped many emerging agricultural companies in the industry. It assists community banks in complex business transactions involving some of the most sophisticated financial products in the banking industry. He has also argued in contested contract cases on various legal theories.

Mr. Howard created a law blog where he and his team put their efforts to educate and inform people about the many aspects of corporate law, and the importance of compliance and smart actions that businesses need to do. take into account to be successful in their industry.

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