CT lawmaker refuses to apologize for comparing Lamont to Hitler


A Connecticut lawmaker defends her comments comparing Governor Ned Lamont to German dictator Adolf Hitler about the governor’s policy on the COVID-19 vaccine for state employees and other terms.

In a report posted Friday evening on his Facebook pageState Representative Anne Dauphinais R-Killingly responded to criticism by drawing additional comparisons between the Democratic governor and Hitler.

“This governor, with the help of the one-party regime that we have in this state right now, seized dictatorial powers for almost two full years after the expiration of this latest extension,” Dauphinais said. “Hitler was also a dictator authorized by the One Nazi Party regime. “

When contacted on Saturday, Dauphinais declined to comment further than the statement she posted on her Facebook page on Friday.

“This dictatorial madness must end,” Dauphinais wrote in the statement. “Nonetheless, I want to take this opportunity not to apologize, but to clarify to Governor Lamont, as I was not clear that I meant he was acting like Hitler in the early 1930s – to this day he did not call to put the unvaccinated in the camps.

Ben Proto, chairman of the state’s Republican Party, did not respond to a request for comment on Saturday.

The Dauphinais has been criticized since he commented Thursday night on CT News Junkie’s Facebook post about a story about some state employees not complying with Lamont’s order to submit proof of COVID-19 vaccination or accept weekly tests.

“King Lamont aka Hitler dictating what we must inject into our bodies to feed our families!” Dauphinais wrote in the Facebook comment.

Max Reiss, director of communications for Lamont, on Saturday described the words of the Dauphinais as “disgusting, repulsive and disrespectful for the history and memory of the victims of the Holocaust”.

“Such anti-Semitic rhetoric has no place in state government, nor in our public discourse,” Reiss said.

In his statement, Dauphinais said his “comments were neither anti-Semitic nor factually inaccurate”.

“This governor is dividing us, calling on those who are vaccinated to discriminate against those who are not,” she said. “Separating ourselves from our workplaces, forcing people to make unwanted medical choices in order to keep their jobs, pay off their mortgages and feed their families. It is no longer the land of the free.

Dauphinais, whose district includes Killingly and Plainfield in eastern Connecticut, said in the statement that Lamont “used these dictatorial powers to force healthy children – who have a statistically ZERO% chance of dying from this virus and who are minimal spreaders – to wear dehumanizing clothing. , restrictive masks.

Status data show that nearly 68,000 Connecticut residents 19 years of age or younger have contracted COVID, and five have died from the disease.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also said that children and adolescents are usually asymptomatic or have mild symptoms. Because of this, they may not know they are infectious and can still spread the virus, the CDC and health experts have said.

In his statement, Dauphinais included a quote from The Holocaust Encyclopedia on the use by the Nazis of prisoners in the camps to test immunization compounds and antibodies. Le Dauphinais continued to compare mask and vaccine warrants, as well as alleged censorship of vaccine issues, to the plight of the Jewish people in Nazi Germany.

“What’s worse, the governor is using these dictatorial powers to impose an experimental drug, with unknown and incalculable side effects, on the general public,” Dauphinais wrote in the statement.

In August, the United States Food and Drug Administration approved Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for ages 16 and over. Acting FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock said the vaccine meets “high standards of safety, efficacy and manufacturing quality that the FDA demands of an approved product.” Under an emergency use authorization from the FDA, children 12 years of age and older are also eligible for the vaccine.

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