Ferris, Zarrella named to Northwest Connecticut Chamber of Commerce Hall of Fame



Lisa Ferris and Steve Zarrella, Northwest Connecticut Chamber of Commerce Hall of Fame inductees. Screenshots from the annual chamber meeting on April 29

NORTHWEST CORNER – Two new names were inducted into the Northwest Connecticut Chamber of Commerce Hall of Fame at their annual meeting on Thursday, April 29.
The mission of the chamber, as listed on its website at nwctchamberofcommerce.org, is to promote economic growth while improving the quality of life in Northwestern Connecticut.
This year’s Chamber Hall of Fame inductees have served the organization for many years and have volunteered to help with many of its programs.
Inductee Lisa Ferris is the manager of the Brooker Memorial Pediatric Dental Center and also manages the organization’s fundraising and marketing efforts.
She started her engagement with the chamber ten years ago when she joined the WOW [Women In the Workplace] Consultative Committee.
She also chaired the WOW Forum from 2018-2020 and was instrumental in planning an International Women’s Day event at the Five Points Gallery in 2019 to promote both the WOW Forum and the Gala. the Women’s Leadership Initiative.
Ferris is also Ambassador of the House Membership Committee and Co-Chair of the Chamber’s LEADS-1 group.
In the community, she is involved in Centraide and has been appointed to the advisory committee of the Building Healthier Communities Fund.
“She has volunteered at almost every chamber event,” reunion host John Seagrave, Barron Financial Group LLC, said of Ferris. “Many of her positions in the chamber she decided to do on her own, and there are a few others that she has been ‘willingly’ involved with. It has been a fantastic sport. If you ever see her at a chamber event, you are greeted by her smile and bubbling energy.
“My involvement with the Northwestern Chamber of Commerce has had such an influence not only on my professional life, but also on my personal life,” Ferris said of accepting the honor. “Not only have I developed a great business relationship in the Chamber, but I have developed many long-standing friendships. The members of the chamber are an exceptional group of people who believe in this community and help each other. I look forward to continuing my engagement with the Chamber, as it continues to position itself as a valuable resource in uniting the community.
The second inductee, Steve Zarrella, joined the chamber in March 2012.
Zarrella is currently responsible for loans at Northwest Community Bank.
He has 35 years of experience with various banks in the state, and he started with Northwest Community Bank in April 2011 as Vice President and Commercial Lender.
During his tenure as a member of the chamber, he served as treasurer, vice-president, and from 2017 to last year he served as chairman of the board.
He has served on the boards of several non-profit organizations, including the Torrington Police Activities League, Torrington-Winsted Rotary, and St. John the Evangelist School in Watertown.
“Over the past three years Steve has led this chamber through some pretty difficult times while remaining calm and positive,” Seagrave said. “I remember when I first started with the chamber, Steve was one of the first people to contact me with advice on how to connect with chamber members. He gave me words of wisdom that have helped me a lot over the years.
“I have often looked at the photos on the bedroom office walls of other people who have been inducted, and I am honored to join this group,” Zarrella said. “I want to thank Steve Riley, President and CEO of Northwest Community Bank for giving me the flexibility to spend many hours working with the chamber. During my time in the House, I have worked with some of the most talented, hardworking and loyal people I have ever met. The past year has been incredibly difficult for everyone and the House was no exception. However, the chamber rose to the challenge and continues to perform at an astonishing level. While face-to-face meetings are always difficult, the bedroom didn’t miss a beat. They master virtual events like this and continue to bring everyone together. Isn’t that the purpose of the chamber? To bring everyone together.
Although I am receiving the award today, it is an honor to work with such a committed and dedicated group of people.
For more information about the Northwestern Chamber of Commerce, visit their website at nwctchamberofcommerce.org


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