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Stamford, CT, December 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Freedom Holdings, Inc. (“FHLD” or the “Company”, OTC: FHLD) is pleased to announce that on December 30, 2021, Mr. Steve Lowe was appointed to the board of directors.

Mr. Lowe has worked in the global finance and commodities sectors for over 35 years, with significant experience in the physical, financial and logistical aspects of these markets, with a particular focus on the energy and of carbon over the past twenty years. He has successfully executed transactions all over the world. Mr. Lowe has a unique blend of experience and success not only in the business aspects of these markets, but also in how to combine all aspects of the chain, from structured finance, debt and capital raising, distribution and marketing strategies and consulting positions. This success and experience has been in a wide variety of roles, working for banks, public and private companies and public institutions, proving that he has a strong capacity and vision to adapt to the unique requirements of any institution in any country. market circumstances. Mr. Lowe has gained notoriety in senior and general management roles and as an active member of the board of directors, most notably as chairman of a publicly traded company. In essence, Mr. Lowe brings a wide range of skills, knowledge and experience to any team. Not only makes demonstrable and significant contributions in his area of ​​expertise, he brings board experience, executive leadership skills and senior management experience, having served on audit and regulatory committees, but also to Board committees for strategy, trading and regulatory compliance with respect to financial allocation.

Brian Kistler, CEO of Freedom Holdings, said: “Steve’s arrival on our board only increases my enthusiasm for the new leadership of the company and the expertise that Steve and others bring to it. ‘management team. I look forward to being a part of the future endevours of the Society.

Steve Lowe said: “I am delighted to be closely associated with the Carbon Zero brand and to join the board as a director. When I chaired Carbon Conscience Ltd, a publicly traded company, I had field experience of implementing business results to achieve a net zero carbon future. From my perspective and from what I’ve seen of Carbon Zero, they have a plan for change that goes beyond what every other company is currently doing in this space. It was one of the most competing reasons I joined the board. I look forward to working with such a strong team with such a positive future.

ABOUT CARBON ZERO ASSET MANAGEMENT, INC. : Carbon Zero Asset Management, Inc., based in Stamford Connecticut, intends to complete strategic M&A transactions to complement and enhance organic growth and has several potential M&A candidates in its pipeline. Through the combination of companies engaged in various aspects of asset-based blockchain tokens, COzero Asset Management, Inc. intends to develop a suite of asset-based products. For more information see

About Freedom Holdings, Inc. (FHLD) FHLD is a multi-purpose holding company focused on acquiring and supporting financial services and leading technology companies. FHLD’s multidisciplinary approach aims to create fintech platforms currently focused on the clean energy sector, providing environmental, social and governance (ESG) technologies and carbon credit solutions.

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