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HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) – Dozens of Hartford Hilton hotel employees march ahead of a city meeting this evening.

They say nearly half of them will lose their jobs, over a proposal to turn half of the Trumbull Street property into apartments.

The Hilton hotel has been struggling since before the pandemic.

A Hartford executive says it’s the only way to keep it open, but workers disagree.

The state and city of Hartford are expected to approve the proposal, which would ultimately cost $ 11 million through taxpayer dollars.

“How can you use our tax dollars to pretend that you make this place better and that half, maybe three quarters of us will lose our jobs,” said Sandra Walton, Hilton employee.

Sandra has worked at the hotel for almost fifteen years.

Dozens of Hartford Hilton hotel employees march ahead of a city meeting this evening.

She paraded downtown with other workers on Monday evening, who say their livelihoods are in danger.

“What are we going to do without work? We don’t want to be on the streets,” Walton noted.

City of Hartford Chief Operating Officer Thea Montanez said in a statement in part:

“We all wish the world hadn’t changed, that the Hilton could survive as it is, that we could save every job and every hotel room. But the reality is, without this deal, the hotel will shut down completely, every job will be lost, and the city will be stuck with an obsolete and expensive building that will likely sit vacant for years to come. Losing all the jobs when we could save a few, losing all the hotel rooms when we could save half of them, and leaving a building vacant and deteriorating when we could keep it open and operational, would not be. just not the right thing for the city to do. “

“We’re not having a happy holiday because we’re worried about our jobs,” Walton added.

The proposal is still in its early stages. Over 100 rooms would be converted.

Dozens of Hilton hotel employees marched and spoke to members of Hartford City Council on Monday.

“We are concerned that in January or February we will not have a job,” said Sandra Walton, a Hilton employee.

The city and the state plan to create more than 100 apartments, while keeping the rest of the building as a hotel.

Supporters of the proposal say it would be a much needed change.

“If it stays as it is, it’s a bane to the city. It will eventually close. The owners have tried everything over the years to make it run economically and it hasn’t worked. Shelbourne Global senior strategist said. David Schick Solutions.

Hilton employees say their jobs are in jeopardy.

“Losing these jobs will be a financial hardship for us. We have families to support, mortgages, health care to pay,” said Sally Allard, a Hilton employee.

Another employee says he feels he is not being heard.

“We are not going to be able to find another job. These are well paying, unionized jobs to which we have devoted our lives and it is not fair that we are not considered in this file,” said Kimberly Davis Employed at Hilton.

Several approvals must take place before these changes are made.

The government bonds commission must approve the taxpayer’s $ 11 million. The city council is also expected to approve the proposal.


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