Here’s What Rhode Islanders Think About COVID-19 Vaccination Mandates



ICYMI: Rhode Island had as many as 150,648 confirmed cases of coronavirus on Monday, after adding 263 new cases since May 14. The most recent overall daily positive test rate was 1.9% and the first-time positive test rate was 10.5%. The state announced one additional death, bringing the total to 2,701. There were 78 people in the hospital and 510,133 residents were fully immunized.

Say goodbye to the tan lines on your mask.

Fully vaccinated Rhode Islanders can start holding bonfires with masks today, although you should keep at least a few of these masks, as businesses and offices may still require customers to wear masks. masks. And if you are not fully immunized, you will need to wear a mask in most public places until you are. (Also, don’t really make a bonfire. These things don’t burn well.)

The state’s decision to end its term as a mask for those who have received the COVID-19 vaccine marks an important point in the pandemic, and it won’t be long before events can hold up to full capacity and people can dance in multiple pods at weddings.

But residents here support vaccine requirements a little less than people living in Massachusetts and Connecticut, according to a new survey from the COVID-19 Consortium for Understanding the Public’s Policy Preferences Across States.

The consortium, which has studied trends across the country during the pandemic, found that about 66% of Rhode Islanders believe everyone should be required to get a COVID-19 vaccine. That’s higher than the national average, but well behind Massachusetts residents (75%).

You can read the full survey results here, and here’s a quick look at how Rhode Island compares to the national average, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Everyone should be required to get the vaccine

United States: 62 percent

Rhode Island: 66 percent

Massachusetts: 75 percent

Connecticut: 69 percent

You should need a vaccine to get on a plane

United States: 67 percent

Rhode Island: 71 percent

Massachusetts: 80 percent

Connecticut: 73 percent

Children should need a vaccine to go to school

United States: 58 percent

Rhode Island: 62 percent

Massachusetts: 70 percent

Connecticut: 68 percent

College students should be required to get vaccinated

United States: 66 percent

Rhode Island: 70 percent

Massachusetts: 79 percent

Connecticut: 75 percent

The consortium includes researchers from Harvard, Northeastern, Rutgers and Northwestern universities. They surveyed 21,733 people across the country between April 1 and May 3 via an online survey.


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