Judge sets March 2023 trial for Baltimore state’s attorney

BALTIMORE (AP) — A federal judge on Thursday set a March trial date for Baltimore state attorney Marilyn Mosby, who is charged with perjury and mortgage fraud.

Media reports that U.S. District Court Judge Lydia Kay Griggsby, a day after adjourning Mosby’s trial for the second time, ordered a March 27 trial date.

The Baltimore Sun reports that the postponement came after the defense did not release details of its expert testimony by the judge’s July 1 deadline. Mosby’s defense sent its latest disclosure, edited by Griggsby, to prosecutors late Friday evening – 10 days before the start of the trial.

Prosecutor Leo Wise said Thursday the final disclosure was still insufficient and is asking Griggsby to order the defense to fully comply with the rules of evidence.

In January, a grand jury indicted Mosby on two counts of perjury and misrepresentation on a loan application when buying a house in Kissimmee, Fla., near Disney World, and a condominium in Long Boat Key, Florida. She pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The two-term Democrat, who lost her first re-election bid in July, is accused of lying in 2020 to withdraw about $81,000 from her retirement savings saying she was suffering financially from the COVID-19 pandemic. 19.

Mosby’s attorneys say COVID-19 has impacted both financial markets and Mosby’s personal travel and consulting business.

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