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Biden is a throwback to the stagflation of the Carter era

To Editor: Since Joe Biden took over, we’ve had a border crisis, gas lines, a Middle East crisis, inflation, a school crisis, and a mask of chaos. A Democratic friend of mine said, “He’s a nice guy and he tries hard.” My uncle was a nice guy and tried very hard, but I wouldn’t vote for him for the presidency.

I know, all of the above is Donald Trump’s fault. Think about it, is that stupid or what? The goal of the Democratic Party is to make the American people totally dependent on the federal government. There is no other way to explain their actions. If we are restless, we may need a fourth stimulus.

If you are traveling to New Hampshire there are signs that say we need workers. Who wants to work if the government pays you to stay at home?

The five states that lost the most jobs – Connecticut, Hawaii, Vermont, Maryland and New Jersey – backed Biden. Why are open states most of the time all republican states? New Hampshire is moving in the right direction. Governor Chris Sununu is doing a great job.

We now know that the CDC is run by teachers’ unions. Why don’t teacher unions tell teachers to go back to work? Maybe we should pay parents instead of teachers.

We seem to date back to the 1970s. Wendy donated my leisure suit a long time ago. Are you looking forward to gas lines, 15-20% mortgages and Iran holding our military prisoners?

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