Letter: Libraries meet the needs

Ouch! Critique of Connecticut Libraries? Typically, libraries stock what is demanded by their diverse clientele. Lots of teenagers come? There will probably be a lot of comic/manga style books. Young single adults? Self-help books as people try to find ways to appreciate themselves as they are, not so unable to fit into unrealistic, fictional ideals based on TV shows and movies. Or to increase their income, or find the courage to try a new path in their life.

Some libraries invest money in extensive sections for children, as well as book clubs, excellent sections in Spanish, Urdu and other languages ​​as needed by library users. In some libraries. there is a wide selection of local authors, which also encourages readers to try their hand at writing. Many libraries were “chill sites” and provided paper cups to drink from water fountains or bottle fillers, as well as information on community notice boards showing where to get help paying bills , food banks and senior centers.

Libraries may have a large computing space with dedicated technology. Personal. All have excellent computer access. Some need extra security, at least one has a homeless outreach worker on call by security staff. All this despite certain limits to their funding.

Randy Cambron

New Haven

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