Liberty Bank closes Essex branch


ESSEX, CT The Middletown branch of Liberty Bank has told regulators that the majority of their Connecticut branches will close at the closing date of the year. This includes the branch that is situated at seven Main Street in Essex.

Interviews in interview with Patch Journalist Chris Dehnel from the staff of Patch.. The management team of the bank made their plan public to Connecticut Banking Department last week and announced that the branch will be closed on the 1st of October.

  • 127 S. Main St., Beacon Falls
  • 774 Farmington avenue, Bristol
  • 7 Main Street, Essex
  • 60 Bank Street, New London
  • 1570 Southford Road, Southbury
  • 1232 Farmington Ave., West Hartford

Liberty Bank located in Deep River is expected to remain in operation until the end of the time.

These six branches which constitute the six branches make up approximately 10 percent of Liberty Bank’s list of branches across Connecticut.

Dehnel wrote in his article that the earliest records of the history about Liberty Bank go back to 1825. It is a prestigious institution as one of one of the longest-running banks and a mutual institution in the United States. Liberty Bank boasts more than $7 billion in assets. It also provides personal and commercial financial services which include mortgage administration, both credit and cash as well as as well as investment and insurance.

This certificate was issued through a financial institution who issued it late in the afternoon on a Thursday
“We always review the complete scope of our activities, which includes branches as well as the most effective methods to allow you to invest within your local Bank. In the course of our evaluate the business activities of our company, we look at different aspects, such as the bank’s financial viability and the increase in deposits from household accounts as well as the variety in deposits as well as the number of transactions, as well as other aspects. We also keep track of any changes in the practices of banks our customers experience and technological advances, as is any other bank in the market.
“As we conducted our investigation, and engaged in lengthy discussions , we asked us to close 6 branches. Customers who are based at each branch are able enjoy outstanding banking services at further Liberty Bank nearby. branches. 

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