Libraries have more than books: unusual things you can find

(WYTV) — A public library is full of books, sure, and sometimes so much more.

Across America, public libraries – and that includes those in the Mahoning Valley – are expanding their services with computers and Internet access, DVDs and music CDs. Some lend laptops and e-readers, others go a little further.

The Hubbard Library has an award-winning toy lending library, as well as exercise equipment, telescopes, traffic cones, ukuleles, cake pans, Nintendo Switches, and VR gear, among others.

At the five branches of the Ann Arbor, Michigan library, you can take home a metal detector, a detailed model of the human brain, or a portable disc golf cart.

There’s more: you can also get framed art posters, as well as telescopes and microscopes.

The Library of Things in Sacramento, Calif., lends musical instruments, as well as a screen-printing kit to design your own t-shirts and a high-definition GoPro camera.

The Ottendorfer branch of the New York Public Library lends American Girl dolls.

Library cardholders in North Haven, Connecticut can check out dozens of decorative cake pans and cookie cutters.

Oakland’s Tool Lending Library has over 5,000 tools for your home repair and remodeling projects. Portland, Maine has one too.

And the Alaska Resource Library in Anchorage contains hundreds of specimens of stuffed animals, skulls and hides. The Boy Scouts come for the pelts, and if you’re planning a Harry Potter party, you bring home the stuffed snowy owl.

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