Meriden Police Cadets Deliver 1,000 Turkeys to Area Charities – NBC Connecticut

Giving thanks and helping out is the spirit of the season and with Thanksgiving just around the corner, that’s exactly what the Meriden Police Cadets wanted to do.

It is a program for young people who aspire to be part of the force.

With help from law enforcement in Meriden and Cheshire, they helped deliver 1,000 turkeys to local charities and also helped write a grant to help offset some of the costs. .

“With that, I got the cadets together and I’m like ‘hey guys, I need your help. Each of us is going to write a paragraph and then we are going to put together and edit whatever needs to be changed, ”said Meriden Police Cadet Captain Leslie Melenciano.

“The grant helped us buy the tables, buy gloves so we could load the turkeys. It helped buy the banners and a lot of things,” Melenciano added.

The organization helping to provide the turkeys is the Hometown Foundation. This is the fourth year of their Hungerless Holidays campaign and the team has announced that they will be distributing tens of thousands of turkeys to help spread the holiday cheer.

This holiday cheer doesn’t just end in Nutmeg State. “So today we are cooking 3,000 turkeys. The entire Hungerless Holidays program of the Hometown Foundation will donate 25,000 of them across the northeast and all the way to New Mexico,” said Jamie Hughes, of the Hometown Foundation.

“We were really grateful that we could donate a turkey, could donate a potato, a bag of potatoes or donate to families who couldn’t afford it. food insecure are our priority and can give them something for the holiday season… no words can describe how gratifying and grateful we are to be a part of it, ”added Hughes.

The Hometown Foundation said the turkeys are quite large and can feed up to a family of 10.

With the tens of thousands of turkeys coming out across the Northeastern region, the Hometown Foundation believes families will not only have a great meal, but a very Happy Thanksgiving as well.

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