Milford Bank now offers Hip Pocket, Plinqit and Banker Jr.


The success we’ve seen with Plinqit has made adding Hip Pocket a logical step in our relationship with HT Mobile Apps.

Milford Bank, based in Milford, Connecticut, today announced it is expanding its relationship with HT mobile applications (HTMA), to offer the company’s entire portfolio of engaging applications: Hip Pocket â„¢, Plinqit and Banker Jr.

When the Bank launched Plinqit in 2019, the aim was to provide its clients with a product that would help them achieve their savings goals in a simple and convenient way. Bank customers have adopted the app and Milford Bank has steadily increased the total number of Plinqit users month after month since its deployment. The Bank is pleased to announce that its clients have saved more than $ 250,000 thanks to the Plinqit application. Currently, nearly 80% of the Bank’s clients have reached their goal, with the majority (nearly 80%) creating new goals to continue saving.

Since launching the app, Milford Bank has been successful in attracting new deposits used to fund new loans, thereby increasing its balance sheet and supporting the communities it serves. The app allows customers to securely link their Plinqit account to their checking account, set a savings goal, and automatically set aside a small amount of money at a rate and schedule chosen by the customer. The process of opening a Plinqit account is transparent and takes less than five minutes.

After experiencing success with Plinqit, Milford Bank decided to expand its offerings with Hip Pocket.

Hip Pocket is a platform that engages mobile and website visitors using social influence and personalized consultations to help people determine if they can save money by refinancing their mortgage. Hip Pocket can help borrowers save money by comparing a borrower’s existing mortgage rate to the rates of their individual peers. Borrowers can then discuss options that could improve their financial situation with Milford Bank mortgage staff. This digital comparison tool not only determines potential savings, but also helps the borrower and the bank develop a meaningful discussion about mortgage goals and financing options.

“The success we’ve seen with Plinqit has made adding Hip Pocket a logical step in our relationship with HT Mobile Apps,” said Susan Shields, President and CEO of The Milford Bank. “Hip Pocket allows us to be in front of the consumer when making important decisions. Using the mortgage comparison tool allows them to see how their current home loan compares to others like them and whether the bank can find a better rate or terms that suit their lifestyle and their current budget. “

“Hip Pocket provides financial institutions with an edge and a competitive edge by giving them insight into their customers while increasing their engagement and retention,” said Kathleen Craig, Founder and CEO of HTMA. “Comparing a client’s current mortgage rate with what is available today encourages clients and banks to talk about money in a more personal way, which can help those clients get a better deal while taking savings. informed and judicious financial decisions. ”

About HTMA

Michigan-based HTMA is an innovative FinTech company serving banks and credit unions across the country to easily and affordably introduce new services to attract and retain customers. HTMA offerings include Banker Jr., Member Jr., Hip Pocket and Plinqit, the first savings app of its kind that pays users for their engagement with content through its patented Build Skills â„¢. For more information visit

About Milford Bank

The Milford Bank was founded in 1872. The Bank currently operates six full-service offices in Milford and Stratford and a loan production office in downtown New Haven. As a mutual institution, Milford Bank exists to serve the interests of its depositors and communities. The Bank offers a wide variety of banking and financial products and services to businesses, individuals and organizations. Milford Bank is a member of the FDIC and an Equal Housing Lender. Visit for more information.

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