Mortgage forbearance during COVID-19: what to know and what to do


Among those who have faced a dramatic change in their financial situation due to the pandemic or other events and who are struggling to pay off their mortgage during COVID in Connecticut, now is the time to act.

Behind the mortgage payments? Having trouble paying your mortgage during the COVID pandemic? An estimated 430,000 homeowners who were previously eligible for government-backed mortgage forbearance programs have failed to apply for these benefits and are behind on their mortgages. The moratorium on government guaranteed mortgages is now ending. On average, 1 in 10 homeowners in the United States are behind on their payments. These owners are faced with the possibility of foreclosure and eviction. This year, in 2021, among the mass of homeowners with properties for sale, some plan to flood the market next year. You can get a head start by selling to a professional buyer before this milestone is reached.

Among those who have faced a dramatic change in their financial situation due to the pandemic or other events and who are struggling to pay off their mortgage during COVID in Connecticut, now is the time to act. You could be faced with a ruined credit rating, loss of equity in your home, and forced to move out. BA bank or financial institution should be in touch with certain options, but having the chance to opt out is an important discussion to have with them. One of your options is to consider the benefits of selling to a professional buyer now, without any last minute surprises with inexperienced buyers who often end up not closing. Unlike traditional listings with a real estate agent, you’ll have a guaranteed sale, a solid closing date you can count on to avoid foreclosure while safeguarding your credit and financial future.

Having trouble paying your mortgage in Connecticut during COVID, using the traditional home selling method means you may have to spend thousands of dollars to market your home. Unless your property is new or in great condition, you will need to make repairs for safety reasons, as well as possible renovations and upgrades to heating, air conditioning or electrical systems. Additional spending will also be required, going towards the advertising efforts needed to make your home stand out. A real estate agent would also likely include a staging strategy at your expense. Not only will you have to deal with all of these expenses, but you will also have to pay commissions and closing costs on the profit, if any, of your sale. When you’re already struggling to stay afloat, these costs may be impossible for you to afford. This year may seem a lot brighter for you as you make the decision to sell to a seasoned professional buyer whose offer should be for the home “as is” so that there are none of those price deductions that you will get. is proposed.

While it is easy to cite statistics and collate data to clearly show the exact costs of all stages of foreclosure, calculating the emotional toll is not such an easy task. Especially after struggling for months to survive financially during a global pandemic. Life during the pandemic has caused turmoil in society, which can be very unsettling. On top of that, knowing that your lender is contacting you about the foreclosure process can lead to many moments of anxiety. Owning a home has always been part of the American dream, and feeling carried away can be heartbreaking and very unsettling. Listing your home in the traditional way, either with a real estate agent or by owner selling, could create a whole new source of stress. While the real estate market is pretty healthy right now, you have no guarantee of whether or even when your home will sell. Your days and evenings are constantly interrupted by visitors and you must keep your home clean and tidy at all times. This type of pressure can affect everyone in your family in all other aspects of your daily life. If you’re having trouble paying off your Connecticut mortgage during COVID, why not consider selling to a professional buyer now? Avoid all the sleepless nights and headaches with other put options, otherwise 2021 could spell not only financial disaster, but emotional exhaustion for you and those you love as well.

Having trouble paying your mortgage during COVID? Without decisive action you stand to lose your home in 2021 – why not avoid these impending foreclosure deadlines, spend more money just to sell the house and the lingering trauma of the process to your family, now sell to CT Cash Homes instead. , LLC. To find out more about us and what we can do for you, drop us a line or call us today at 860-249-0950

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