“People here are stranded” – More and more banks are closing in Northwest Bronx, frustrating residents who rely on them


Residents of the northwest Bronx are frustrated as more neighborhood banks close their doors.

Ridgewood Savings Bank recently announced the closure of two of its branches in Kingsbridge and Norwood.

“I’ve been here for over 35 years, and it hurts that they close,” said Vicky Morel, a customer.

The financial institution says the two branches will be replaced with a new improved location this summer on 204 East Street.

When both branches close in October, the next closest branch is over a 30-minute walk away. For many residents, this is not a feasible option.

Assembly member Jeffrey Dinowitz from the 81st arrondissement played an active role in ensuring that residents of the neighborhood had access to banks for their financial needs. He held a rally outside a Chase bank on Knolls Crescent last fall. Unfortunately, this place closed its doors last month.

“In some cases, the bank that is closing is the only bank in the neighborhood, and that being said, people here are stranded,” Dinowitz said.

A spokesperson for Ridgewood Savings Bank said they look forward to working with Assembly member Dinowitz and local customers to ensure his new facility in Norwood offers the same reliable and user-friendly services.

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