Protesters in Kabul demand release of frozen Afghanistan assets – NBC Connecticut

Hundreds of protesters marched through the streets of Kabul on Tuesday toward the closed US embassy, ​​calling for the release of frozen Afghanistan assets.

Holding banners reading “Let’s eat” and “Give us our frozen money,” protesters chanted slogans and marched down a central avenue, with the ruling Taliban providing security.

International funding for Afghanistan has been suspended and billions of dollars in the country’s assets abroad, mostly in the United States, were frozen after the Taliban took control of the country in mid-August.

The lack of funding has strained Afghanistan’s already troubled economy, leading to increased poverty as aid groups warn of an impending humanitarian disaster. State employees, from doctors and teachers to administrative officials, have not been paid for months. Banks, meanwhile, have limited the amount of money account holders can withdraw.

No country has yet officially recognized the country’s new Taliban leadership because of the armed group’s track record. Twenty years ago, the previous Taliban regime denied women and girls access to education and public life, imposed beards on men and participation in prayers, banned sports and entertainment, and carried out public executions.

But current Taliban government officials say their rule will be different, including eventually enabling the education of all girls, and called on the international community to release funds and help avert a humanitarian catastrophe.

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