The Day – Trump will fly over Stefanowski against Lamont 2.0

Well, it looks like us poor Connecticut slobs will have to endure another ego clash from wealthy ambitious politicians for another election cycle.

I will focus here on the gubernatorial race.

For now, I’m going to stay away from what appears to be brewing, at least in part, as a money-washed US Senate contest between the Democratic incumbent from Connecticut, one of the wealthiest people of the Senate, and a former State Republican. lawmaker now married to one of the obscenely well-paid executives of the electric company that we all pay the tithe to on our electric bills, among the highest in the country.

The gubernatorial race appears to be a remake of one four years ago, with wealthy, self-funded Republican Bob Stefanowski against wealthy, self-funded incumbent Ned Lamont.


I think maybe there should be a new election law in Connecticut that forces the wealthy self-financers to retire from politics when they lose, rather than subjecting us all to costly and unsuccessful remakes.

That would have ruled out not only Stefanowski’s rematch attempt, but also the costly redos of Linda McMahon, the wrestling mogul, who lost two Senate bids, and Tom Foley, the wealthy Republican businessman who lost. twice against former Governor Dannel Malloy.

It seems to me that these losers had a hard time escaping the stench of some of the sources of their money, the violence of wrestling entertainment, for McMahon, the fight against unions in a southern manufacturing plant, for Foley and the prey to the poor as payday lender, for Stefanowski.

It feels like voters may care less about inherited fortunes, like the one that came to Lamont from a wealthy grandfather.

I’d say Stefanowski’s last campaign died on arrival, and not just because it’s unseemly to elect a governor who made money off of people so financially desperate they have to pay ineligible loan against their future income.

Rather, it looks like Donald Trump will once again be the undoing of Stefanowski, who likely cannot be elected with or without the former president and his lies about the 2020 election.

I may have missed it, but I’ve yet to see Stefanowski give up on Trump, who is now the subject of numerous investigations that will almost certainly play out in ways that will horrify Connecticut Democrats and Independents at the moment. where voting will begin in the fall.

It’s hard to imagine Connecticut voters signing up for a Trumpist governor this year.

It was a good club that Lamont used to hit Stefanowski four years ago, calling his Trump-approved opponent “Trumpanowski” in a Tweet.

Stefanowski’s long history of support for Trump will be worse in Connecticut this year than it was four years ago, especially after the House of Representatives Jan. 6 committee wrapped up its prime-time televised hearings on the insurgency inspired by Trump.

You might expect Stefanowski to flee Trump as fast as he can in still-blue Connecticut. But of course he can’t. No one will get the Republican nomination for governor of Connecticut by insulting the Trumpists and exposing the former president’s election lies.

I’d like to see Lamont face a serious challenger from either party or an independent campaign.

It would be especially gratifying to see Connecticut Democrats reclaiming some of their party’s principles rather than simply electing a low-tax, Republican-like squire from Fairfield County who pays lip service to hard-working voters and troublemakers. urban.

But establishment Connecticut Democrats are too busy napping in the sun, like spoiled house cats, to summon new gubernatorial candidates who could save the soul of the party.

And Stefanowski will write a few more checks and be next down the rabbit hole, perhaps followed by his sponsor Trump, twice-rich losers.

Alas, we’ll have a gallery of them here in Connecticut.

This is the opinion of David Collins.

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