Time is running out for Stefanowski to launch his Hail Mary pass

Let’s be honest, there isn’t much of a difference between the candidates from the two major parties in this year’s Connecticut gubernatorial contest.

Ned Lamont, who subsidizes corporations and saves the wealthy from new taxes, is essentially a Republican dressed as a Democrat, checking off the right party boxes like giving bonuses and lucrative contracts to state workers’ unions.

His Republican opponent, Bob Stefanowski, is a true fiscally moderate Republican, saving the rich from new taxes, who can’t quite blue Connecticut voters in the right places because he can’t alienate Trump’s crazies. . in its base.

Both candidates are incredibly wealthy.

Lamont inherited his money from ancestors tied to unsavory things and all that loot a long time ago.

Hartford Courant columnist Kevin Rennie recently wrote about Thomas Lamont, founder of the family fortune, who historian Ron Chernow says was an accomplice of Benito Mussolini and funded his fascist government.

Stefanowski, doing what some say are unsavory things, lending to the poor at high interest rates and consulting for the Saudis, has at least made a fortune.

As a general rule, I would say that earning a lot of money is a better qualification to run the state than inheriting a lot of money, which doesn’t require a lot of common sense or intelligence, just good luck at the DNA lottery.

Indeed, I would say Lamont signing the deal with wealthy utilities in which the state covers all the spiraling cost overruns for the now quarter-billion-dollar remake of State Pier is a good example of this what is an ugly businessman.

More chillingly, Lamont said he felt comfortable covering cost overruns in the contract he signed because his assistant in charge of massive construction projects, the guy who is currently the subject of ‘a criminal investigation by the federal government, told him that everything was fine.

I’m sure Stefanowski, who made his fortune, would never have allowed himself or the state to be trapped by utility executives in expensive suits like Lamont did.

After all, the pier project only benefits two wealthy utilities, which will be better positioned against competitors who will use similar facilities on the East Coast that they had to help pay for. Such a huge government grant to two companies, one of which is foreign, also creates an incredibly small number of jobs in Connecticut.

Lamont, who ran a much better campaign this year, successfully demonized Stefanowski as a right-wing extremist who will suppress women’s reproductive rights.

I believe Stefanowski, who, while pointing to two educated girls he respects, says he would protect Connecticut’s abortion laws and the right to choose.

Where Stefanowski loses me is in his refusal to disavow Donald Trump and the former president’s democracy-denying supporters, possibly one of the most chilling political moves in American history.

Stefanowski admits Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election, which he probably thinks is a brave stance for someone who wants to keep the GOP base in Connecticut in line.

It’s not.

Nor will it be enough to convince moderate Democrats and the large number of independent voters in the state who in the past have happily chosen Republican governors to control a Democratic-dominated legislature.

What’s different this year and is surely behind Stefanowski’s dismal polls — he released his in a press release that still shows him trailing, 49-43 — is his apparent alliance with the Trumpers, which scares many sane voters in Connecticut.

Stefanowski may have good business sense, but he’s not so good at gauging the mood of reasonable Connecticut voters.

He’ll be in town next week to debate Lamont at the Mohegan Sun.

This may be the right time to launch an Ave Maria and finally denounce the insurgent former president, thief of state secrets and denial of democracy. I could guarantee him big headlines.

It’s worked for other Republicans in blue states, who want to salvage what’s left of their party.

The Independent Party’s Rob Hotaling seems like a good alternative to a Trump enabler on the GOP line.

Otherwise, we can expect four more years of Ned Lamont.

This is the opinion of David Collins

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