TX and LA Governments Report They Will Sign Cannabis Bills (Newsletter: June 14, 2021)


Poll: US voters support decriminality in drugs; New TX Effort to Put Marijuana on Local Ballots; Cannabis prisoner says MORE Act fails

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Connecticut home speaker decided to address the legalization of marijuana in a special session in the coming days after Republicans threatened to miss debate time until the end of the regular session at midnight on Wednesday.

A new survey from the ACLU and the Drug Policy Alliance found that two-thirds of American voters support the decriminalization of drugs. The investigation is timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of President Richard Nixon’s declaration to the war on drugs.

The new organization Texas Ground Game plans to put marijuana and other progressive issues on local ballots across the state after the Republican-controlled legislature blocked reform this session.

A man who received leniency from President Donald Trump says a federal marijuana legalization bill would leave many cannabis prisoners behind with its resentance provisions. He is asking legislators for amendments.


the Ministry of Energy finances research and development projects, including one on hemp fiber insulation.

Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) tweeted: “Thank you, @DrugPolicyOrg, for leading a letter urging Congress to remove the endorsement prohibiting DC from spending local funds to market recreational marijuana. The letter was signed by 44 local organizations, state + reform of national justice, liberty + public health. “


Porto Rico Governor Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia (NPP) signed a bill preventing medical cannabis from being considered a probation violation.

Colorado Governor Jared Polis (R) issued a proclamation declaring Hemp Week, and an American hemp flag flies over the state capital.

Vermont Governor Phil Scott (R) has appointed a member of the Cannabis Control Board advisory committee.

Pennsylvania the lieutenant governor posted on Facebook about visiting a marijuana exhibit at the Philadelphia Flower Show.

wyoming The attorney general defends a police officer who the state Supreme Court found lied on the stand in a case accusing hemp growers of growing marijuana.

New Mexico Senate leadership said, in response to a complaint from the Secretary of State for Health, that the body would not investigate a senator’s involvement in a medical cannabis business.

the Delaware The official sponsoring a marijuana legalization bill put to a vote on Thursday said he was “not sure” that it had enough support to pass.

the Alabama The senator who sponsored a bill on medical cannabis spoke about the implementation of the program.

Ohio regulators have added Huntington’s disease, terminal illness and spasticity as eligibility requirements for medical cannabis.

from Montana The main marijuana regulator has said it hopes to release draft legalization implementation rules by September.

New Jersey officials discussed cannabis research with Israeli scientists.

Tennessee regulators have sent out a reminder on the need to renew hemp licenses.

Oklahoma regulators have released new data on medical cannabis tax revenues.


the Sioux Falls, South Dakota City council is set to suspend commercial applications of medical cannabis until state authorities issue regulations.

Denver, Colorado Official Twitter account posted, in response to a discussion about people’s desire for an airport cannabis dispensary, “Come downtown! The Denver A-Train leaves the airport regularly. It is federally illegal to carry marijuana on an airplane. Thus, @DENAirport’s policy prohibiting the consumption or possession of marijuana. “


One study found that “prolonged treatment with medical cannabis is associated with improved quality of life and reducing the consumption of analgesic drugs in patients with chronic pain.

One study found that “drivers in states that have legalized medical marijuana reported driving after using marijuana slightly more than drivers in states where medical and recreational care was illegal, “but than” marijuana users in states that have legalized [recreational marijuana] self-reported driving after consuming less marijuana than their counterparts [in states that haven’t enacted legalization]And that “no predominant model to suggest that people in states with liberal marijuana policies were more tolerant of driving after using marijuana.”


Students for a Sense Drug Policy Chapters sent a letter calling on congressional leaders to vote on a federal bill to legalize marijuana this month.

the National Cannabis Industry Association has published an overview of the science, history and uses of medical cannabis.


Freshly Baked made the first legal shipment of recreational marijuana from Massachusetts.

Jushi Holdings Inc. reported quarterly revenue of $ 32.3 million and a net loss of $ 156.7 million.

Goodness Growth Holdings, Inc the Resurgent Biosciences subsidiary is extending its intellectual property development and clinical research efforts to psychedelic medicine.

HEXO Corp obtained the dismissal of a shareholders’ class action.

Mydecine Innovations Group said he has discovered more than 40 compounds with pharmacological potential in various species of fungi, including varieties of psilocybe cubensis.

Cresco Laboratories asked a federal judge to dismiss a breach of contract claim in a proposed class action suit, alleging he failed to pay workers for the time spent putting on and taking off personal protective equipment required during the coronavirus pandemic.

Watco companies is being sued by a former employee for falsely dismissing him for medical cannabis use.

Arkansas Dispensaries have sold more than $ 330 million worth of medical cannabis since the program began.


Wednesday’s issue incorrectly reported Illinois’ total medical cannabis sales since the start of the year as the May count. The exact figure is $ 34.2 million.

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