Why you shouldn’t laminate your vaccination card

Fortunately, a very wise nurse gave me good advice after receiving my second vaccine.

She had a head start.

If you have not yet been vaccinated, after your first dose, you will receive a white vaccination card.

This card will include your name and date of birth as well as the date (s) of your injections, the original lot of the vaccine, the manufacturer and the place where it was administered.

The map looks like this.

It is important.


For the foreseeable future, this card will be just as important as your driver’s license in many cases.

Event venues and other venues require you to show proof of full COVID-19 vaccination.

In early 2021, retailers like Staples and Office Depot were offering free lamination of your COVID-19 vaccination registration card.

In the photo above, you will notice that there are four rows. The first row says “1st COVID-19 dose” and the second row says “2nd COVID-19 dose”. The other two lines simply say “Other”.

I asked a nurse where I got my vaccine what “other” meant and they told me those rows were there in case we needed a “booster” or “extra vaccine”. “.

It was April, so clearly this nurse was ahead of the curve. She wouldn’t admit it, but it was almost like she knew we’d need a booster, or two if you trust the map.

Laminating this map will prevent officials from adding to the “Other” section of the map when you receive your booster.

This card is not damage proof. It will be beaten depending on your activity level and how long you are traveling.

Once you have received your completed COVID-19 vaccination card, you should do the following:

  1. Photocopy both sides and keep it with your health record.
  2. Take a photo of both sides of the card on your phone. With the card saved in your camera roll, it’s digital and you can even print it if you need to. There are apps that allow you to save a copy of the map to your phone.
  3. Keep the physical card in a very safe place. You shouldn’t carry it with you in your wallet or purse. In most cases, you will know in advance when you need to present it.

I bought this on Amazon.

It is a transparent sleeve in which you can put your card. I got two for $ 7.

Just a helpful tip that I wanted to pass on.

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